Código fonte para zoop_wrapper.models.bank_account

from .base import (
from ..exceptions import FieldError, ValidationError

[documentos]class BankAccountVerificationModel(VerificationModel): """ Have some bank account verification attributes. Attributes: deposit_check: boolean of verification """
[documentos] @classmethod def get_required_fields(cls): fields = super().get_required_fields() return fields.union({"deposit_check"})
[documentos]class BankAccount(BusinessOrIndividualModel): """ Represent a Bank Account. https://docs.zoop.co/reference#conta-banc%C3%A1ria The :attr:`RESOURCE` is used to identify this Model. Used to check against :attr:`.resource`! Attributes: account_number: account number bank_code: code of bank holder_name: name of owner routing_number: agency code in BR type: type of account address: Address model bank_name: name of bank country_code: country code customer: id of owner description: description debitable: boolean of verification fingerprint: ? is_active: boolean of verification is_verified: boolean of verification last4_digits: last 4 digits of account number phone_number: phone number verification_checklist: VerificationCheckList model """ RESOURCE = "bank_account" SAVING_TYPE = "Savings" CHECKING_TYPE = "Checking" TYPES = {SAVING_TYPE, CHECKING_TYPE}
[documentos] def init_custom_fields( self, type=None, address=None, verification_checklist=None, **kwargs ): """ Initialize :attr:`address` as :class:`.Address`.\n Initialize :attr:`verification_checklist` as :class:`.BankAccountVerificationModel`. Args: type (str): value containing type address (dict or :class:`.Address`): address verification_checklist (dict or :class:`.BankAccountVerificationModel`): verifications # noqa **kwargs: """ self.set_identifier(**kwargs) self.validate_type(type) setattr( self, "address", Address.from_dict_or_instance(address, allow_empty=True) ) setattr( self, "verification_checklist", BankAccountVerificationModel.from_dict_or_instance( verification_checklist, allow_empty=True ), )
[documentos] @classmethod def validate_type(cls, type): """ Validate bank account ``type`` Args: type (str): value of type to be validated Raises: ValidationError: when ``type`` is not in :attr:`TYPES` """ if type not in cls.TYPES: raise ValidationError( cls, FieldError("type", f"type must one of {cls.TYPES}") )
[documentos] @classmethod def get_required_fields(cls): fields = super().get_required_fields() return fields.union({"type", "holder_name", "bank_code", "routing_number"})
[documentos] @classmethod def get_non_required_fields(cls): fields = super().get_non_required_fields() return fields.union( { "account_number", "address", "bank_name", "country_code", "customer", "debitable", "description", "fingerprint", "is_active", "is_verified", "last4_digits", "phone_number", "verification_checklist", } )